Ventures for a Better Society

Aretefy Oy explores emerging societal goals where transformative entrepreneurship can drive the process. Thus, we help others to define, create, and operate transformative products and services. Besides the transformative business service the Aretefy Oy has own product incubation activities.

Product incubation and services

  1. Crowdnomics
    • The trend of crowd-based products and services is on early phase.
    • New business models are expected to emerge in next 3-5 years.
  2. Mind
    • Emerging science on consciousness and human body is mind blowing.
    • There are a very few solid products and services on this domain.
  3. Transformative Business
    • Socially responsible business practices explain 33% of the profit increase.
    • Human and business transformations together can drive societal change.

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