Aretefy is a mission to help and build companies running for virtuous goals. Such as UN Sustainable Development Goals. In practice transformative businesses are about designing business models to reach a noble cause. The challenge is that transformative businesses require a new mindset.

Chief Utopia Executive (as a Service) is a new role your company needs to establish for navigating this century. Customers are increasing seeking companies to be planet and society positive –  able to show how their business contributes to betterment of the world. Entrepreneurs and businesses should not shy away from being conscious about making their contributions.

Aretefy builds on theory and practice of transformative business and combines this with utopia as design method. The science on the power of the imaginary futures and transformative entrepreneurship is rock solid.

“Companies traditionally separate core profit-generating operations from activities focused on other purposes, such as environmental sustainability or social impact. … The secret is to weave purposeful impact into the DNA of a business model – but without sacrificing profits.” – Osterwalder and Pigneur, 2011

Interviews of experienced entrepreneurs suggest that entrepreneurship as a form of activism rises in response to the moral hazards of the current global situation. The career of purpose-driven entrepreneurs includes a transformation path which starts from realization of a systemic problem and leads to becoming an entrepreneur activist. The purpose-driven entrepreneurs often have a sense of being grounded on their meaning as they apply systems intelligent entrepreneurship to improve the world.

Aretefy is also a founding member of transformative entrepreneurship movement Oxygen2050.

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